CuSn8 Tin Bronze Split Bushing Self Lub DIN 1494 / ISO 3547 | 40-44 L50mm

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CuSn8 Tin Bronze Split Bushing Self Lub DIN 1494 / ISO 3547 | 40-44 L50mm

CuSn8 Tin Bronze Split Bushing Self Lub DIN 1494 / ISO 3547 | 40-44 L50mm

CuSn8 Tin Bronze Split Bushing Self Lub DIN 1494 / ISO 3547 | 40-44 L50mm

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Custom-made bronze bushings solutions and special designs based on your individual requirements.Get a free quote.Offical

Bronze Bearing its free maintenance features, and under the condition of dust and outdoor characteristics such as good abrasion resistance, therefore widely used in agricultural machinery industry, such as combine harvester, planter, banding machine, grinder, tractors and other oil cylinder, suspension system, such as joints can't come on or it is difficult to form the part of the oil film.


Directly purchase and export copper sleeves from China, guarantee delivery time, support technology selection, and provide you with one-to-one advantageous solutions

Tin Bronze Split Bushing Self Lub | 40-44 L50mm typ E92F lub E90F made to order online

wrapped bushing, Bronze CuSn8, DIN 1494 / ISO 3547, Low-maintenance

  • Support material:CuSn8P ,alternative CuSn6P available
  • Special dimensions and imperial sizes are available on request

    • Agriculture machinery, truck cranes & construction machinery, suitable for impact loads

Talented & Professional

  • We are professional for concentration. Our company engaged in bronze sleeve bushing & bearings design and manufacturing for years, and we always adhere to a concept: won’t let any unsatisfied sleeve bushings go out of our warehouse. Because of this, we received many positive feedback from our customers..


  • 1.SIZE: 40 ID x 44 mm OD x 50 mm Long
  • 2.Materrial:CuSn8P ,alternative CuSn6P available
  • Tin Bronze Sleeve Bushings
  • 4.conomic solution for bronze bearing application due to a thin wall thickness. High load capability and good stability with low abrasion. Suitable for rough working conditions, good corrosion resistance.
  • CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 1215 12/14x15 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 1415 14/16x15 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 1420 14/16x20 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 1515 15/17x15 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 1525 15/17x25 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 1615 16/18x15 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 1620 16/18x20 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 1625 16/18x25 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 1815 18/20x15 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 1820 18/20x20 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 1825 18/20x25 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 2015 20/23x15 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 2020 20/23x20 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 2025 20/23x25 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 2030 20/23x30 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 2215 22/25x15 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 2220 22/25x20 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 2225 22/25x25 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 2230 22/25x30 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 2515 25/28x15 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 2525 25/28x25 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 2530 25/28x30 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 2815 28/32x15 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 2830 28/32x30 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 3020 30/34x20 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 3030 30/34x30 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 3040 30/34x40 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 3220 32/36x20 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 3230 32/36x30 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 3240 32/36x40 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 3520 35/39x20 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 3530 35/39x30 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 3540 35/39x40 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 4020 40/44x20 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 4030 40/44x30 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 4040 40/44x40 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 4050 40/44x50 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 4530 45/50x30 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 4540 45/50x40 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 4550 45/50x50 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 5030 50/55x30 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 5040 50/55x40 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 5050 50/55x50 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 5060 50/55x60 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 5540 55/60x40 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 5560 55/60x60 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 6030 60/65x30 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 6040 60/65x40 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 6060 60/65x60 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 6540 65/70x40 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 6560 65/70x60 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 7040 70/75x40 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 7080 70/75x80 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 7540 75/80x40 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 7580 75/80x80 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 8040 80/85x40 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 8080 80/85x80 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 8540 85/90x40 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 8580 85/90x80 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 9040 90/95x40 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 9090 90/95x90 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 10050 100/105x50 CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 10095 100/105x95

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