Have you ever seen this kind of machine tool?
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Have you ever seen this kind of machine tool?

Have you ever seen this kind of machine tool?

January 28, 2021

Have you ever seen this kind of machine tool?

Processing method of slender shaft

Because the rigidity of slender shaft is very poor, it is easy to deform in machining, which has great influence on machining precision and quality.For this reason, the following measures are often used in production.

(a) improve the clamping method of the workpiece

Rough machining, because the cutting allowance is large, the workpiece by the cutting force is also large, generally adopts the clamping top method, tail seat top using elastic top, can make the workpiece in the axial free elongation.However, due to the limitation of the elasticity of the apex, the axial elongation is also limited, so the jacking force is not very large.In high speed, heavy cutting, there is a risk of the workpiece off the center.This phenomenon can be avoided by Kalafa method.

When finishing the turning, the double-tip method (at this time the tail seat should adopt the elastic tip) is beneficial to improve the precision, the key is to improve the precision of the center hole.

(b) the use of heel knife rest

Heel holder is a very important accessory for turning slender shaft.The use of heeling tool rest can offset the influence of radial cutting force during processing, so as to reduce cutting vibration and workpiece deformation, but must pay attention to careful adjustment, so that the center of heeling tool rest and the center of the machine tool top consistent.

(c) the use of reverse feed

When turning a long and thin shaft, often make the turning tool to the tailstock direction for feed movement (at this time should be installed Carla tool), so that the tool applied to the workpiece feed force direction towards the tailstock, so that the workpiece has the trend of axial elongation, and Carla tool greatly reduce the bending deformation caused by the elongation of the workpiece.

(d) using turning tools for turning slender shafts

Generally, the rake Angle and main deviation Angle of turning slender shafts are large to make cutting light and reduce radial vibration and bending deformation.Rough machining turning tool on the front surface of the chip broken slot, so that the chip broken easily.Fine-turning knives often have a certain negative blade Angle, so that the chip flow to the surface to be machined.